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Voipware Service - Basics

Go To Top of Page Voipware phone-to-phone service offers a rechargeable, prepaid account through which you can place low rate international phone-to-phone calls. Upon opening an account with Voipware you will receive an email containing your PIN number. The PIN number is used for placing international calls using our toll-free number. You can easily recharge your account online with $20 to $200 denominations.

What is a PIN number?

Go To Top of Page Each Voipware account has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that allows you to make phone calls from any phone in the US and Canada. Each PIN number is unique and is used to confirm that you are placing a call or using a given service.

How do I get assistance if I have a problem?

Go To Top of Page You can call our Customer Service using our toll-free number 1-888-827-1212 or you can email us your questions to the following email address: support@Voipware.com. For more information see the "Contact Us" page.

Do you have different calling rates depending on the time of day?

Go To Top of Page No.

What countries can I call?

Go To Top of Page With the Voipware phone-to-phone service you can call anywhere in the world. However, our special rates are for phone calls made to Bulgaria.

How do I place a call?

Go To Top of Page Here are the dialing instructions for placing a calling:

  1. Register for the service. Click here to register;
  2. Purchase calling time. To purchase calling time click here;
  3. Dial the toll-free access number 1-800-0000-0000;
  4. At the prompt enter the PIN you have received after registration;
  5. After confirmation from the system dial the number you wish to call followed by the  (#) button.
  6. After you complete the call, you may dial the pound button twice (##) to start a new call.

Please, use the following dialing format:

For US, Canada & the Caribbean: 1 + area number + phone number;
For international: 011 + international number + area number + phone number (including Bulgaria);

How long do you keep user call history records?

Go To Top of Page We keep history records of your calls for the last 12 months.

Payment & Billing

What payment methods do you accept?

Go To Top of Page Only credit cards are acceptable for purchasing calling time. In the future new methods such as checks and telephone orders will be accepted. Users of this site will be notified via e-mail as soon as the new option is available.

How am I billed?

Go To Top of Page You pay only for the minutes you talk. There is no charge for calls less than 20 seconds. Call charge calculated in increments of 20 seconds. You can check our calling rates. There are no monthly, installation, activation or connection fees.

How can I check my balance?

Go To Top of Page To check your balance go to the Balance & Call History page.

Are there any hidden costs?

Go To Top of Page No. You pay for the time you talk. There are no monthly, installation, or activation fees.

Could I be asked to fax my credit information?

Go To Top of Page Yes. Sometimes we need to see is a photocopy of your credit card along with a credit card statement showing your billing address and credit card number. We accept: driver's license, passport and bank/credit card statements. 

Why was my credit card declined?

Go To Top of Page There are several reasons why your credit card might be declined by our system. The most common reasons are:

    1. Incorrect expiration date - check to make sure you have the correct expiration date;
    2. Incorrect credit card number - make sure that you are entering the correct 16-digit credit card number along with the CVV2 security code;
    3. Incorrect billing address - make sure the billing address you enter matches the address where your monthly credit card statements are mailed each month;
    4. Insufficient Funds - make sure the amount you are trying to purchase does not exceed your credit card limit;
    5. Credit card reported missing or stolen. Credit card fraud;
    6. We prosecute credit card fraud to the full extent of the law.

If you are unsure why your credit card was declined by our system, please contact your issuing bank for further information.

I registered with Voipware but I haven't received my PIN number yet?

Go To Top of Page Usually it takes up to 48 hours to receive the email confirmation, containing your PIN number. In some cases your credit card issuer might require us to contact them first so they can authorize the charge to your credit card. This procedure protects you from fraudulent charges on your account, and it may take up to 48 hours after you have registered with Voipware Phone. You can also retrieve your PIN online. Just login into your account and go to the Balance & Call History.


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